Matthew Csernansky

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Folded Weight I

Steel (coreten),   7.5′h x 8.5’w x 13.5’l  

Folded Weight I  is meant to evoke our earliest tangible memories of natural and man-made objects that awed us with their scale, weight, and presence. We’ve all experienced the discovery of weight and dimension in our lives, though often without engaging the beauty of the forms as they define space.  This sculpture draws the viewer into lines, planes and connections in steel that combine aesthetic with utility.   Folded Weight I is simple in its intent and therefore simple in its shape—like a sheet of paper that becomes an origami form when folded into new planes.  Folded Weight I  takes solid metal planes and joins them with minimalistic brackets that lift the structure upward, creating a sense of lightness as it takes on 3 dimensions.

In the environment, Folded Weight I is a shelter, a moment of rest, a place of balance.  Suspended through the simple, but strong brackets the structure inspires contemplation of what steel can represent when lifted from the ordinary to art.  The visual tension created by the angles between plates brings focus to both its positive and negative space.  Folded Weight I is meant to encourage reflection and meditation.

Photography by Matthew Csernansky