Matthew Csernansky



Percussive Idol

Bronze, Patina,   6″h x 4″w x 13″l  

Texture and form are complimentary but also come from the same lines in space.  It’s just macro and micro examples of these patterns in line and how close we are to the image.  Knapping uses pressure to create many percussive forms from razor sharp edges to elegant curves. Hammering on metal creates a sea of small dimples and frozen impacts. Also weather and oxidation join forces in nature and erode all things back to there smaller parts.  I find that the similarities in many natural forces ground thoughts and the self. If so much can be the same in so many different processes, then it is frame of mind that must be the heart of our lives and fulfillment.

This sculpture is a meditative object that is designed to start a dialogue with the viewer about the idea of classification and definition.  Definition is a lofty concept that seems to come from a place of necessity, yet always seems to complicate our sense of wholeness for ourself and the world around us.  The road of life and this form we must all define for ourselves.

Photography by Matthew Csernansky