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Hiatus over: The Wheel turns again.

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So it has been… years since I have gotten back to my blog and sadly making new pieces of sculpture. I have been focusing on my professional life and working towards making that a sustainable lifestyle to pair with my Sculpture. I obviously have not made enough time for my personal art, becoming mired in making day to day ends a priority over my creative productivity.

Sadly or fortunately there has been a major change in my life that has allowed me to reimagine the use of my time and focus/dependence on a job for creative sustenance.

I am now reengaging the idea of making my art large and public, teaching myself “Rhino”, finding and applying to public art calls and simply enjoying making models and small art pieces again. The day is new and time has never been as salient a resource as it is now. I’m looking forward to getting back to what makes me happy and pouring myself into what really matters, creativity and sharing that through art (sculpture, cooking and experiencing the natural world).

2018- The time is now, as it has always been.

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