Matthew Csernansky



Be Prepared & Ripple

Be Prepared, Acrylic, toilet paper and hangers,  (8′ x 4′) x 2

This piece was commissioned for a corporate web design office, Integrity, I transformed the men’s room with painting and installation. Taking the boyscout moto “Always be prepared” and making light of that in the context of the bathroom, toilet paper was hung in a grid and then folded to resemble a badge.  The image painted on the back wall is taken from a vintage drawing of a boyscout doing semaphore, the flags replaced with bathroom utensils.

Ripple, Acrylic,  8′ x 10′

Also commissioned for the corporate web design office, Integrity, I was allowed to redefine the women’s room with painting and installation. The main goal here being bringing a sense of calm and peace to this intimate space I found my self thinking of the water so prevalent in the bathroom and how to transform our perceptions of that. Using both walls I wanted to incorporated the space through implied movement and reaction. I decided to defined the back wall as water and allowed the falling leaves to leave ripples on it surface, while having the adjacent be the genesis of the leaves with a painted ginko tree branch dropping leaves on to the next wall.