Matthew Csernansky

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I-IV (elements)

Steel (oil,wax,patina),   I: 6” x 6″ x 6″    II: 6” x 6″ x 6″    III: 6″ x 6″ x 6″    IV: 6” x 6″ x 6″    

This body of work is another interpretation of the elements: fire, water, earth and air. This time, the forms are based on a strong connection with geometry, using the cube as a form for each piece. With an unaltered cube representing earth as the starting point, each additional interpretation of the remaining elements uniquely affects the standard geometry of the cube while still maintaining the overall structure.

A combination of oils, waxes and patina creates a deep and organic black surface. The classic and transformed cube forms combined with the rich finish of each piece is reminiscent of tooled steel and marble, making the pieces seem to be made of an unknown material.  When the four cubes are displayed together as a set, the narrative of evolving shape relative to each of the elements is truly captured.


Photography by Allison Knotts